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June, 25 2017 - Kelly Certified Review
Vannessa is a doll. My hair is so cute!!! Thank you!!
Services received:
  • Professional Analysis For New Clients with Vanessa
  • FP-DivABC (full Hilite) with Vanessa
  • Women's Haircut with Vanessa
June, 25 2017 - Cindy Certified Review
I thoroughly enjoyed my pedicure AND chatting with Karen the entire time. We never run out of things to discuss! I also love the new look/feel of the nail room.
Services received:
  • Pedi Signature, 60+ min with Karen
June, 25 2017 - Paula Certified Review
Linda is great! Matched my color and I'm very happy. Prices are extremely reasonable as well. I'll be back in 5 weeks for more!
Services received:
  • Professional Analysis For New Clients with Linda
  • Color with Linda
  • Women's Haircut with Linda
  • Botanical Hair Therapy with Linda
June, 24 2017 - Gayle Certified Review
Amanda does a very professional and competent job.
Services received:
  • Massage 30min-SPECIFIC with Amanda
June, 23 2017 - Hilary Certified Review
My hair stylist was a genius. She helped me recover from very bad hair cut that I got from a walk-in $14.00 hair cut salon. It was a mess and my new stylist did a beautiful job repairing the cut and gave me a style that ai love.
Services received:
  • Professional Analysis For New Clients with Vanessa
  • Women's Haircut with Vanessa
June, 22 2017 - Dana Certified Review
I always get an amazing haircut and color from Tiffany! I've been seeing her for 4 or 5 years now, and I wouldn't trust my hair to anyone else! I've also had waxing, massages and facials at this salon, and those have been enjoyable experiences, too. The co-owner, Mary Beth, is really friendly and warm, and she always greets me and asks me how I am doing in the most sincere manner. While the prices are a bit high, you really are paying for top-quality services.
For a while, the front desk was staffed with younger women who were maybe in their late-teens. Sometimes, it felt as though they didn't have time for me or that I was interrupting what they were doing. This was especially the case when I was being "checked in."
Services received:
  • Women's Haircut with Tiffany
June, 21 2017 - Gretchen Certified Review
Great salon!!!! I always have a wonderful experience as well as a fantastic cut!!!
Services received:
  • Men's Haircut with Desirae
June, 20 2017 - Kathy Certified Review
Services received:
  • Color with Kaitlyn
  • Blow Dry Style-comp with Vanessa
June, 19 2017 - Anita Certified Review
Encouragement and help from the staff on how to improve my hair quality and health. Excellent place!
Services received:
  • Color with Chanel
  • Blow Dry Style-comp with Chanel
June, 17 2017 - Fran Certified Review
Everyone nice from front desk to stylists to manicurists. Vanessa is helpful and precise.
Services received:
  • Signature Manicure with Karen
  • Women's Haircut with Vanessa